Yes, that me.. Freezing to death.

My name is Ester and i’m 16 years old, Sweden. I LOVE sherlock - in fact it’s taking over my life. It’s making me lose my social life (as is i ever had one)

  My favorite character in Sherlock Holmes (now referring to the books) is Mycroft. In BBC Sherlock, which is my favorite TV adaptation, it’s Moriarty (because Andrew Scott is sooo changeable amazing!! :DDD)

Other things that i love would probably by my guinea pigs (Afrodite and Trassel), My cat (Prinsessan) and ofc pastries! <33 

In RLF i’m in fact quite awkward - i like referring myself to an awkward turtle, believing it sums me up quite well.

CLASSMATE: So what did you do this weekend?
ME: Watch series…
CLASSMATE: Again, didn’t you do that last week as well?